Locker Room Renovation Updates

Update March 27, 2017


Members are enjoying both new locker rooms these past weeks.  We’ve received overwhelming positive feedback on both the design and finishes!  If you haven’t stopped by to tour these beautiful additions to the Center, please enjoy the beautiful spring weather and walk to the Reily Center for a peek.


Permanent Lockers are going quickly, however we still have many more for those who haven’t taken advantage of renting these larger 2-Tier lockers.  Free daily lockers come in 3 Tiers, 4 Tiers, and 5 Tier Columns.  Don’t forget you can use more than one daily locker if you need additional day storage.  Just remember to remove all items from these by end of day.


In order to prevent further delays in opening the new Locker Rooms, the contractors will still need to address some minor incomplete issues.  We will do our best to provide communication to members, as we receive information from Contractors informing us of any scheduled work.  Some planned projects include changing tile floors in the three Cabanas and adding doors to the showers to address  floor drainage issues.  During this time, we will always leave one Cabana open for member use.

Doors in the women’s locker room private dressing areas will be installed once we receive them from the manufacturer.

The Department of Campus Recreation wishes to thank you for your patience during this extensive renovation process.  We pledge to continue to strive to for excellence in our programs and facilities.



Update February 21, 2017


We are pleased to announce that Reily members will soon get to enjoy new locker rooms!  Final touches are being made to the women’s locker room, so watch for signs directing you women to the new entry!



Members who had previous locker rentals will be given priority registration for a new rental locker beginning Monday, March 6 through Sunday, March 12th.

Open locker rentals for all members will take effect Monday, March 13th.

Note that you must stop at the Front Desk to pick up a Locker Request Form where you will choose 3 potential lockers to rent. Upon returning to the Front Desk, you will complete the rental financial transaction and given the code to your locker.

Please visit the Member Services desk to obtain a card which you will use to write down your top three locker choices. You will not be able to open the lockers, as they will remain in the locked position until sold.

Please keep the following considerations in mind while selecting your top locker choices:

  • All 2 tier lockers will be sold as long term rentals. 2 Tier means any locker with two lockers per vertical body.
  • Proximity to showers, sinks, & benches
  • Locker Size: lockers with attached benches are slightly smaller than those without attached benches
  • Locker Shape: z style lockers offer an elongated interior for hanging items

Once you have notated your top three choices, return this card to the Member Services desk to complete your transaction and receive a small gift.

All long term lockers will be sold in the monthly evergreen format, which means you must provide a credit card, debit card, or checking account at the time of purchase.


Update January 26, 2017

We are pleased to know the end of the Women’s LR renovation is in sight!  Contractors have given us an anticipated opening of the Women’s Locker Room for mid to late February.  Tiles have been laid, counter and fixture framing is in place, and bases for lockers have been built.  As our members have seen, the new lockers and shower/toilet enclosures  installed are an imported UK product constructed using a high quality phenolic material with top of the line anodized aluminum supports and hinges.  By investing in a top of the line products for this heavily used space, it is our goal to ensure maintenance free hardware and easily clean surfaces.  As more information becomes available, this update will provide it.

On another note, members are asking when they may rent lockers.  Once both the Women’s and Men’s sides are complete, members who had long term lockers at the start of the project late last spring will be invited to come in over a week period and select a locker.  The following week, Member Services will open locker rentals to all members. Signs will be posted in advance notifying members of locker rental options.  This blog will also post those dates.  Thank you for your patience during this process.  As someone who has renovated several kitchens, I have learned that the only approach to renovation projects is patience!


Update  January 2, 2017

If you stopped by during the holidays you will have seen our contractors working hard on the renovation project.  A walk through of the women’s locker room this morning showed the walls and ceilings have all been sheetrocked and painting was in progress.  Framing for counters, sinks and fixtures are all in place. And overall the work is progressing at a steady pace. Elsewhere in the Center, there are several significant changes and improvements.  The new Functional Fitness Gym now houses the Olympic weights and other equipment conducive to fitness training.  The Fit360 equipment has been moved closer to the center of the space until new Queenax functional fitness equipment arrives later this spring.  New flooring will continue to be installed with each phase of this fitness area expansion.  In the meantime, the 3rd level weight room is reconfigured and now provides a much roomier and quieter space.  This is due to the hard work of the facility crew, who came in at 4am this morning to ensure the equipment was set up and ready for patrons!  Enjoy your new experiences at Reily this 2017!


Update December 14, 2016

As we approach the Winter Holiday Break and many members are leaving New Orleans for other destinations, the Reily Rec Center will be hopping with activity.  Several contractors will be present and working in various areas of the facility.  Our Locker Room contractors will also continue to work hard on the project completion.  As of today, plumbing and electrical are in place.  HVAC is complete. Framing for walls is also in place.  By the beginning of January, we hope to be ready to give you an end date for the project!

Please note the Reily Center will be closed between December 26 – December 30 to address additional annual projects such as wood floor resurfacing, pool tile replacement, wall repairs and equipment relocation.  Check the calendar on the website for shortened holiday hours of operation.

Happy Holidays!


Update November 16th

The work on the women’s side of the locker room continues to progress quickly. Framing for new walls is almost complete and HVAC ductwork has been installed. On the newly opened side, new amenities are on order to enhance the member experience. New benches have been placed in Cabanas 1 & 2, with the 3rd on back order. Shower and restroom hooks are due in any day, as well as new wall mounted shower heads to be added in Cabanas. The decision to move forward with Phase II was deliberate, despite have minor items on the checklist, so that the project would continue moving forward without delays. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments. Once again, we appreciate your patronage.



Update November 4th


The Department of Campus Recreation is carefully monitoring the opening of the newly renovated locker rooms.  We have identified several issues that the contractor intends to correct.  Please be patient as improvements continue.  We want our members to enjoy their experience and are here to assist you.  Feel free to ask our friendly Front Desk Assistants if you have any questions.

If you are curious about the noise coming from the wall between the old and new space, you will be happy to know that space has been completely gutted and is now ready to be fitted with new plumbing and electrical!


Update November 1st

PHASE II of the Locker Room Renovation project began this week!  All lockers have been removed from the “old” Women’s Locker Room.  Members are now using the newly renovated side.  Overall the response has been very positive to the design and finishes of the renovation.

We do recognize that there are still some minor issues to address on the completed side, but felt it more conducive to the project timeline to complete these outstanding tasks after hours. This allows Phase II to remain on the schedule.

Members can expect future improvements to the space that will include towel hooks and corner shelves in Showers and in Toilet stalls.  Shower curtains are now being installed in the Cabanas to minimize excessive water spray from the handheld showers.  The department is also waiting for the delivery of benches for the Cabanas.  Finally, for patrons who are struggling to learn how to operate the new locks, there are small video monitors in each locker room that illustrate how to operate in a few easy steps.  If patrons need assistance, our friendly Front Desk Assistants are happy to help you!


We welcome any questions by using our Locker Room Renovation Inquiry Form.


Update: October 26th

We are pleased to announce the upcoming opening of the Phase I renovated locker room and beginning of Phase II.  On Friday, October 28th at 6am, doors will open to the renovated side of the locker room project, where once again the space will be divided to accommodate both men and women.

Men will enter through the Atrium door and Women will enter through the Natatorium (poolside) door.  We will have signage that will clearly show the way.

Female patrons will continue to have use of the  converted Racquetball Court/dressing area during Phase II.  Male patrons will have access to public showers on the pool deck and the four private showers located off the atrium and Natatorium hallway.

Day lockers will  be available to all members.  Rental lockers will not be available until both sides are completed.  Watch for future announcements inviting members to sign up for locker rentals as we near the project completion.

We hope our members enjoy the new finishes and fixtures on the finished side and ask for continued patience as the second Phase is completed.


Update: October 20th
We’re counting down the days until the end of Phase I.  The contractors are completing their punch list so that members can begin using the newly renovated men’s side of the Locker Room.  As with Phase I, the  locker room will be divided with temporary walls for men and women on each side.  If you missed the open house yesterday morning, here are a few pictures of what’s in store next week for our members.  Watch for signage directing you to the new entrances for each gender.

Update: September 26
Express Lockers to provide easily accessible day storage
In addition to attractive new lockers in each space, we are  pleased to introduce a new concept in our center that will facilitate quick storage.   Express Lockers are small, conveniently located lockers that will be located on levels 3 & 4 and in the Private Restroom & Shower hall.  Additional Express Lockers will  be located in the main locker room walkways, providing quick access for securing your belongings.
While the Reily colors aren’t represented in this brochure photo, it does represent the express locker concept.
In the meantime, the men’s locker room has all new tiles installed on floors and walls. Lockers, benches, vanities and faucets are in process.  And electrical and data lines are in place.  We are excited to report the work is on schedule!

Update:  September 16


Enjoy a sneak peek at the newly installed tiles.




Update:  September 8

Attractive & Contemporary Open plan for Locker Rooms

Members will enjoy brighter open spaces in which to change within our new locker room.  With door-less entries from the Atrium, privacy is still maintained using indirect entry points.  You can visualize the main pathways through each locker room by following the RED direction lines on the 3D elevation below.  In order to create visual focal points, these paths will feature information monitors  strategically mounted along the way.


Update:  August 26 
Hints for improving your Reily experience during the Locker Room renovation
Since we are midway into the men’s locker room renovation, we encourage our patrons to prepare in advance for the fall increase in users. This week our students return to campus so we suggest planning for  limited access to showers.  Here are some suggestions for our members:
  1. Plan to shower at home or res hall after your workout.
  2. Use the Natatorium poolside or Social Pool deck open showers to rinse off before dressing.
Note the former “group” showers now have curtains for private use.

UPDATE 8/15/16 – Phase One

There are lots of exciting things happening behind those walled off Reily locker room areas.  Contractors are pushing to complete Phase I by mid-October.  Three all gender Private Restrooms & Showers will be completed by then.  And what will eventually be the Men’s Locker Room will also be completed.   Each Private Restroom & Shower will include a private toilet, dressing and shower area.  We will also continue to keep the existing Atrium All Gender shower & restroom open for members during this Phase.

We hope you will stay tuned for further updates and photos!

Behind the Scene in the Men’s Locker Room (Phase 1)

Men's LR 1

Behind the scenes in the Men’s Locker Room, new ductwork, electrical wiring and plumbing have been installed!



UPDATE 6/23/16 – Phase One

Phase One of the Locker Room Renovation has begun as of Monday, June 27. Men & Women have access to 4 showers, 4-5 toilets, and ample day-use lockers.

Entrances to the temporary Phase One locker rooms will be as follows:

Women’s Locker Room: Atrium Women’s Entrance via the current entrance door.

Men’s Locker Room: Atrium Men’s Entrance via the current entrance door & via the current Natatorium Women’s Entrance.

UPDATE 6/3/16 – Rinse Station Installed in the Natatorium

We now have a rinse station for swimmers installed in the natatorium.

UPDATE 5/11/6 – Women’s Showers Offline

The showers within the women’s locker room will be unavailable beginning Monday, May 16 as we build out temporary locker rooms and update the HVAC system. We will still have restrooms, changing areas, day-use lockers, and one gender neutral shower that is accessible from the atrium. The men’s locker room will remain accessible but must be entered through the natatorium. This phase of construction is expected to last approximately 4-6 weeks.

Female Reily Center members who rely on shower access may utilize the Loyola Recreational Sports Complex starting May 16 when they present a Splash Card or Reily Center key tag. Please be aware that you may not sponsor guests while using Loyola’s facility. Metered parking is available on the ground level behind the Loyola parking garage. 

Loyola Hours of Operation
Monday – Thursday 6:30 am – 9:00 pm | Pool closes at 7:00 pm
Friday 6:30 am – 8:00 pm | Pool closes at 7:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am – 8:00 pm | Pool closes at 7:00 pm
Sunday 1:00 pm – 8:00 pm | Pool closes at 7:00 pm

*The Loyola Recreational Sports Complex is CLOSED on Thursday, May 19-Friday, May 20.


UPDATE 4/27/16 – Construction is set to begin on May 2nd.

Long term rental lockers should have been cleared by March 25. If you still have items in your locker, please clear them out now.

Men’s Locker Room
Men should refrain from using lockers 718-1237. Day use lockers will remain available in the locker bays numbered 100-333.

Women’s Locker Room
We are beginning to build out a temporary changing room with lockers that will serve the female population.

Check this page for more details as the project progresses.

The Department of Campus Recreation is excited to announce an upcoming locker room renovation!

The project will address HVAC, plumbing, replacement fixtures, new lockers, new flooring and newly designed ADA accessible locker rooms. The project also includes the addition of three stand-alone gender neutral cabana bathrooms which will serve a variety of populations including families, parents/guardians assisting individuals with disabilities, and gender non-conforming patrons.

The renovation is scheduled to begin this April and conclude in August. In an effort to minimize the disruption of services to our members, we will maintain normal facility operations during the renovation. However, shower, restroom, changing area and locker access during the renovation will be significantly limited.

The following actions can help minimize your inconvenience during the renovation:

  • Come dressed for your workout of choice
  • Make plans to shower at home
  • Avoid bringing unnecessary items to the gym; we will have very limited day use lockers available
  • Avoid peak usage times of 4:00-7:00 pm

Phase 1 Temporary Locker Room Facilities

The first phase of the renovation will divide the majority of the existing women’s locker room in half to create temporary locker room facilities for both men and women.

The temporary women’s area will have 5 toilets, 5 sinks, 5 showers and 164 day use lockers.

The temporary men’s area will have 4 toilets, 3 sinks, 4 showers and 136 day use lockers.


Long Term Locker Rentals are not available during the locker room renovation.

  • All existing locker rentals will be canceled effective Friday, March 25.
    • Evergreen Locker Rentals will not be charged beginning in March.
    • Semester, 4 Month & Annual Rentals will be refunded for the remaining value of rental.
  • Personal items must be removed by Friday, March 25. Unclaimed items will be stored for 30 days and then discarded.
  • Locker rentals will not automatically resume after the renovation. With the new locker room configuration, you will wish to select a new locker rental once the renovation is complete.
  • A limited number of free Day Use Lockers will be available during the renovation. Items may not be left overnight.

Please submit any questions by using our Locker Room Renovation Inquiry Form.