Quad Reservations – Forms

Any non-Tulane group wanting to request space on our campus must go here: https://facilityrequest.tulane.edu/

The reservation request page below is for Tulane University student organizations, departments, faculty and staff only.

Quad/Field Reservations

Please fill out the Quad Reservation Form completely. Make sure that you fully and accurately describe the events that you plan on the quad. Your request must be turned into the Reily Program Office at least two weeks before the event. Events are not confirmed until you get a signed copy of the reservation form. The signed form can be faxed, mailed, or you can pick it up in the Reily Program Office.

Please read the policies and procedures below, before filling out the following reservation form:  Quad Reservation Form

Quads and Outdoor Space Available for Reservations:

Boggs*, Brown*, Bruff, Glazer Gardens*, JL, LBC*, Mayer, McAlister Stage*, McAlister Way**, Monroe, Newcomb, Sharp.

*Please read the additional policies in place for use of these quads or outdoor space.
**McAlister Way must be reserved through the Lavin-Bernick Center for University Life, please read the additional policies in place for use of this outdoor space.
Quad Reservation Procedures:

  1. Only Tulane University Departments and University recognized organizations may reserve field/quad space.
  2. A Quad Reservation Request must be completed and turned into office 105 of the Reily Student Recreation Center.  A Reservation Request Form can be found at  http://www.reilycenter.com/index.php/forms/quad-reservations-forms/
  3. After submitting a quad reservation request you will be notified if your reservation requires additional logistical support. Any event requiring Facilities Services support must be made at least two weeks (14 days) in advance.  An IT for those services must be submitted to Facilities Services in order to receive formal confirmation of use.
  4. With prior approval student organizations or departments may use sound systems at events. All organizations must adhere to the university policy governing amplified sound.  To review these policies, click the following link:  https://tulane.edu/studentaffairs/policiesprocedures.cfm
  5. TUPD must be contacted prior to an activity on any Quad to assess the security needs for the event. To request coverage for a particular event, a Request for Coverage form must be submitted to the Special Events Coordinator at least 3 weeks before the date of the event by submitting the request online at the following link: https://tulane.edu/police/eventsecurity.cfm
  6. For events that may require reserved parking contact the TUPD Traffic Office at 504-865-5381.
  7. Organizations must confirm with their advisor that they have the funds available to cover any incurred costs that will arise from the event.

Event Requirements and Services Available:

  1. Facilities Services must be contacted for any activity that requires digging or staking on any quad.
  2. Facilities Services will provide trash containers, tables, and chairs at a charge if arranged two weeks in advance.
  3. Events that require an electrical source from a Tulane power source will need to review power needs at least two weeks in advance with Facilities Services.
  4. Clean up services and policies:
    • Events involving food service for 50 or more people or any event serving seafood is required to contract with Facilities Services for clean-up.
    • Organizations not serving food/seafood may perform their own clean up or request the services of Facilities Services at a cost to the organization.
    • Organizations who do not request Facilities Services and do not clean up properly after their event will be assessed charges associated with cleaning and may jeopardize their future use of quads.
    • Events requiring clean up will not be confirmed until a signed IT is presented to Facilities Services.
  5. For more information about services available or to contact Facilities Services visit http://tulane.edu/facilities/uptown/flag_special_events.cfm

General Use Policies:

  1. The Department of Campus Recreation reserves the right to cancel any event due to inclement weather or poor field/quad conditions. A Campus Recreation Representative will notify the sponsoring organization if the field/quads need to be closed.
  2. No vehicles are allowed on fields or quads without prior permission from Facilities Services. Should permission be granted, the sponsoring organization must have a representative present when vehicles are moving on or off the fields/quads.
  3. No glass containers are allowed on quads, fields or other outdoor space.
  4. Banners and signs may not be hung from trees or nailed to trees. Organizations found responsible for damaging trees, bushes or plants will be assessed charges associated with replacement costs
  5. The University is a tobacco free campus. There is no smoking allowed anywhere on campus.
  6. The Department of Campus Recreation reserves the right to cancel any event or restrict future use of quads or fields if an organization is found to be non-compliant. In addition, organizations causing damages to property may be assessed charges.

*Additional Policies for Specific Quads and Outdoor Space

All of the aforementioned policies apply to the following areas in addition to the following:

LBC Quad:

The LBC Quad is intended for events centered on campus traditions, intramural and athletic events. The LBC Quad can only be reserved for major campus events sponsored by the University and its departments.  Major events include: Crawfest, Fridays at the Quad, TUCP major programs (i.e. concerts), Tidal Wave events, and tailgating.  In addition, the LBC Quad is available for club sport scrimmages, intramurals, and Athletic events coordinated through the Department of Campus Recreation and Athletics.

All other events are subject to approval by the Vice President of Student Affairs or his/her delegate regarding the appropriateness of the proposed event.

Events organized and conducted by any group, organization, entity or individual which are neither funded nor controlled by the University, or any University department, school, unit or organization must adhere to the POLICY ON USE OF UNIVERSITY FACILITIES FOR NON‐UNIVERSITY EVENTS.

The LBC Quad cannot be reserved for any installations or demonstrations.

Boggs/Academic Quad:

  1. Additional Dean’s approval is required to use this academic quad. A Campus Recreation Representative will notify the sponsoring organization or department once the necessary permission has been received.

Brown Quad:

Brown Quad is a synthetic turf field therefore the following items are strictly prohibited:

  1. stalking or digging
  2. cleats
  3. chewing gum

Glazer Gardens and Bocce Court:

  1. Dogs are not permitted on the premises.
  2. Glazier Gardens will be available for use or for reservation from Dawn to Dusk.
  3. Bocce equipment is available for check out with a valid student ID from the Wall Residential College front desk.
  4. 36 garden plots measuring 3’ x 4’ are available for reservation and planting. For further details relative to the use of the garden plots e-mail juggling@tulane.edu

McAlister Stage:

  1. The grass stage is 38’ x 48’
  2. Power is available but must be arranged in advance through Facilities Services

McAlister Way:

  1. Reservations for this space must be made through the Lavin-Bernick Center for University Life at http://tulane.edu/studentaffairs/lbc/event_planning.cfm
  2. McAlister Way is a paved walkway that runs from Freret St. to Drill Rd.
  3. Additional approval from the Business School Dean and other academic units may be required for use of this space.
  4. Additional policies for use of this space can be found at http://tulane.edu/studentaffairs/lbc/policies.cfm

Amplified Sound Policy


To maintain the academic environment at the university, the use of amplified sound is moderated. The amplified sound policy is designed to protect instructional and learning activities, administrative offices and academic departments from sound interference during normal business hours. Student organizations which intend to have amplified sound at an event must provide specific information related to amplified sound on their facility or quad request.

Amplified sound is defined as any sound that is broadcasted through electronically amplified equipment or sound that is electronically enhanced.


The use of amplified sound on campus may not interfere with instructional activity or the administrative operation of the university regardless of the time of day. Such use will only be permitted at specific times, and in specific locations, so as not to conflict with this basic principle. Amplified sound may be used during the following times and in the following locations:

Days & Times                                                                                Locations                                                                                                              


Friday: 4 p.m. – 10 p.m.                                                              McAlister Auditorium Front Steps, University Quads/Fields,                                                                                                                                               Gorson Porch, Pocket Park and Jones Hall Patio


Saturday: Noon – 10 p.m.                                                           McAlister Auditorium Front Steps, University Quads/Fields,                                                                                                                                                       Gorson Porch, Pocket Park and Jones Hall Patio


Sunday: Noon – 7 p.m.                                                                McAlister Auditorium Front Steps, University Quads/Fields,                                                                                                                                               Gorson Porch, Pocket Park and Jones Hall Patio


University Holidays: Noon – 10 p.m.                                        McAlister Auditorium Front Steps, University Quads/Fields,                                                                                                                                               Gorson Porch, Pocket Park and Jones Hall Patio

The use of amplified sound will not be permitted if such use would disrupt a previously scheduled event or function. Any organization or department sponsoring an event at which amplified sound will be used will designate a person responsible to control sound volume as necessary to ensure compliance with this policy.


The Code of the City of New Orleans, Sections 66-22, sets forth maximum permissible sound levels based on the use of the property that the sound is affecting. This policy is intended to comply with, and be at least no less restrictive than, the Code. If at any time the Code is amended so that it is more restrictive that this policy, this policy should be deemed amended to conform to the Code.

At a distance of 45 feet in front of the sound source, the sound pressure level may be no more than 70 decibels at any time. Student Programs staff will work with the individual(s) sponsoring the event to periodically monitor the sound pressure level.

In order to keep the sound pressure level below 60 decibels inside of classroom buildings, all sources of amplified sound should be directed away from all classroom buildings.


All student organization events at which amplified sound will be used must be registered and approved by the  Office of Student Programs and must be registered in Org Sync. Any non-student organization events must be approved by the Vice President for Student Affairs or his/her delegate.  Once approved, the Office of Student Programs and/or Vice President for Student Affairs or his/her delegate will notify and contact any potentially impacted departments and/or offices.

All amplified sound events must provide adequate security, as determined by the Department of Public Safety.


If at any time during the event the sound level exceeds the maximum permissible sound level set forth in this policy, a warning will be given to the sponsoring organization to lower the volume.

The sound level must be brought into compliance with this policy no more than one (1) minute following the initial warning.

If a second warning is issued, either because of a subsequent violation of this policy or a failure to correct the noncompliance following the first warning, an additional one (1) minute will be allowed to correct the sound level.

If the sound level exceeds the maximum permissible set forth in this policy, following two consecutive warnings or a third time, the Vice President for Student Affairs or his/her delegate reserves the right to extinguish amplified sound for the event.

The sponsoring organization may also be subject to further disciplinary action.

Revised 8/2015