Resources & Information

General Information

The Tulane University Club Sports Handbook contains all club sport policies and procedures as well as detailed information regarding the items listed below. All club officers are responsible for knowing the handbook and communicating its contents to their respective teams.

  • ACS and the executive council
  • Required and recommend club sports officer positions
  • Player expectations and responsibility
  • Coaches
  • Budgets and funding
  • Tier classification
  • Point system

How-To Instructions

Registering an Away Event – any event your organization is not hosting including travel trips and events in the greater New Orleans area

  • Must be submitted one week in advance
  • Must attend a pre-trip meeting on either Tuesday or Wednesday from 3:00-5:00pm in the Club Sports Office
  • All drivers must be university authorized
  • All personal vehicles must be registered
  • Must complete a Post-Event Report

Registering a Home Event – any event your organization is hosting either on or off campus

Logging Participation at an Event

  • Used for practices that are not monitored by a Club Sport Attendant
  • Can be used for any event registered in OrgSync


Participant Forms Use/Purpose Due
Assumption of Risk/Release

Assumption of Risk/Release

(hard copy for parents/legal guardians of minors ONLY)
Mandatory for participation in any/all club sports practices and events Prior to any participation