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Club Sports Forms

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General Club Forms

Club Financial Transactions

  • Request for Payment – Used for dues, fees, honoraria, subscriptions, etc. This form may not be used to purchase or reimburse a person for equipment or supplies. Timeline: Please allow at least two weeks for processing.
  • Travel Expense Reimbursement Request – Used to receive reimbursement for travel expenses Timeline: Please allow at least two weeks for processing.
  • Interdepartmental Transfer (IT) Request – Used for payment or transfer of funds between university organizations and/or university departments. Timeline: Please allow one week for processing.
  • USG Budget Request Form – Used to request an allocation from the Undergraduate Student Government. Deadline: Determined by USG Finance Committee & Executive Committee, typically due at the end of Jan or early Feb.
  • USG Reallocation Form – Used to reallocate funds in a 2 account from one natural account designation to another. Timeline: Anytime special circumstances exist.
  • Natural Account Codes – Used to determine natural account codes for financial forms.

Coaches Corner

Officials Corner (Judges, Referees)

  • Payment Invoice – Used to have check cut ahead of time so clubs can bring check to event.
  • W-9 – Tax information for paying coaches, officials and other such individuals. All officials must complete a W-9 in order to get paid.