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Club Sports

Club Sports provide a competitive, recreational and/or an instructional aspect to participants. Clubs are open to all Tulane students, and all clubs are co-ed unless otherwise specified. Each club sport is a student organization which receives funding from the Undergraduate Student Government. The success and strength of each club is based upon the initiative set forth by the student leaders and total involvement of the members.

For more information, contact Ilana Obuchowski, Assistant Director of Club Sports at clubsports@tulane.edu or 504-314-2862.

Employment Opportunity: Club Sport Supervisor

Club Sport Supervisors are responsible for assisting the club sport staff with the overall organization, administration and day-to-day operations of the club sport program. All candidates must be currently enrolled Tulane students and complete an online application to be considered for the position. Responsibilities include:

  • Supervising all outdoor, on-campus practices during the week and on-campus events, games, and tournament on weekends
  • Processing event and travel requests
  • Maintaining eligibility databases
  • Communicating with club officers
  • Managing critical incidents as necessary
  • Performing special duties as assigned

Frequently Asked Club Sport Questions

Q. What is a Club Sport?
A. Tulane Club Sports are student organizations that are geared toward instructional, recreational or competitive play. Club sports are recognized campus organizations that are completely run by the students. Each club has regular practice times and some compete in local or national leagues.

Q. How can I find out about joining, practices, dues, and other club information?
A. It is best to contact the club president for information on joining, dues, practices, etc. Please refer to the Club Contacts directory.

Q. Are there restrictions on when to join?
A. Club Sports start practicing the second week of the Fall and Spring Semesters. Most clubs will accept participants throughout the school year. Please contact the club officers for more information.

Q. How much does it cost to join a club?
A. Clubs determine semester or annual dues based on their constitution, club leadership, and the expenses incurred by the club. Tulane University also provides financial assistance to the clubs through funds from the Associated Student Body and the Department of Campus Recreation. Besides dues and the university allocation, clubs can host fundraisers to support their travel and equipment costs.

Q. Why should I join a club?
A. Fun. Exercise. Friends. Lasting Memories. Leadership Opportunities. Learn a new sport. Continue playing a sport at a collegiate level.

photo 1Q. Who is eligible to be a member of a Club Sport?
A. Clubs set their own membership guidelines written in their constitutions, but generally it is open to all Tulane students as well as the general Tulane community.

Q. Can someone from Loyola join a club sport?
A. People not affiliated with Tulane may be able to join a Club Sport. It is dependent on the club’s constitution. League or union regulations determine if non-Tulane students may compete. Contact the club president for further information.

Q. What is the difference between Club Sports and Intramurals?
A. Intramurals are set leagues where you play games against other Tulane students. You can get friends from your hall, residence hall, etc and sign up an intramural team before the deadline. Club Sports you can join anytime after paying dues and signing a waiver. Club Sports offer opportunities to learn or play the sport through regular practices, and competitive clubs play against other universities for state or national titles. Club Sports are a great opportunity to continue playing sports in college even if it is not on a varsity level.

Q. How do I form a new Club Sport?
A. Club Sports are student organizations recognized through the Undergraduate Student Government (USG). To form a new club, there needs to be a membership list of at least 10 Tulane students and a written constitution. Once this is created, a meeting must be set up with USG to approve the club.  More information can be found here.