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Staff Feature: Kim Karels

Staff Feature: Kim Karels

kim karels

Kim Karels, Assistant Director of Fitness and Wellness, is in charge of many of the programs we all enjoy at Reily! She heads up the Fitness and Wellness programming, which includes the group exercise program, special events like the Zumbathon and exam week challenge, and health and wellness promotion. Kim supervises Reily’s group exercise instructors and personal trainers. Fans of Reily’s group exercise program have Kim to thank for the variety and high quality of instruction. You might have even seen her in some of your classes; Kim regularly participates in Reily programs herself!

Kim has been with Reily for a year, and has a background in personal training and fitness instruction. She got her start through a group exercise instruction course she took in college (check out Reily’s instructor program in the fall if you’re interested in a similar career). Since she has taught most of the classes in Reily’s group exercise program, Kim is an excellent resource for instructors and participants.

Kim’s commitment to health and fitness extends beyond the Reily Center. Kim works to help Tulane students make New Orleans a healthier city. She strives to teach Reily members, the Tulane community, and her New Orleans neighbors how to embrace a lifestyle that will make them healthy and happy. Her top health tip is to find something that’s fun for you and gets you moving.

When asked what she liked best about working with Reily, Kim replied, “every staff member is here to help and listen and is really dedicated to student empowerment.” If you have any feedback, questions, or ideas about the fitness and wellness programs at Reily, get in touch with Kim to share. Kim is a great example of the ways that we can all work to keep ourselves healthy, and to help others do the same.